Danielle Wong – “I Dated a Robot”

In the episode from Furturama called “I Dated a Robot”, there was a clip that showed Fry, one of the main characters, who dated a replicated version of Lucy Liu – Lucy Liu-bot. The episode suggested that the concept of dating a robot was a “mental disease” that will lead to the destruction of civilization, obviously with a comedic twist.

It made me think of the concept of technological determinism and utopian/dystopian references. It suggests that technology drives the development of social and cultural norms of a society. Especially in the western culture, we appear to live in a materialistically driven society. In this case, the process of downloading a copy of Lucy Liu was a means to satisfy Fry’s fantasies of dating a celebrity. Although the episode is fictional and extreme, I don’t think we are very far away from the big picture.


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