Kayley Diamond – Psychology of Video Games

Especially with exam time here, spending all this time in front of a computer studying can have its pros and cons. The Internet is full of video games to play, which can be very addictive. This article breaks down the psychology around video games and why we can get so addicted to playing games like 2048 and candy crush.


Kayley Diamond – Dream App

You can download this app to actually help you control your dreams. Users can choose from a variety of sounds that act as an alarm clock and play 30 mins before you wake up to help direct your last dream in a certain way. I actually have an app similar to this and it monitors your sleep patterns and has many other features to it.


Kayley Diamond – Selfies Leading To Mental Illness

Scientists are saying that the ever so popular selfie can actually lead to a variety of mental illnesses including body dysmorphic disorder or OCD. The video in the article talks about a teenager who took around 200 selfies a day and even became suicidal. Very Interesting, would not think that a simple picture can have such an effect on your mentality.


Mad Men Fan Fiction- Chris James



With the upcoming return of my favourite TV show Mad Men, I decided to check out some online Mad Men fan fiction creations. The fan fiction creations on this web forum are generally short interactions written into actual episodes, although some do not occur within the timeframe of a particular episode. The content of some of the pieces of fan fiction I read generally contain plot twists hat have been hinted at or would have been possible within the framework of the actual show. I did not however, find any examples of fan written slash fiction in this forum but there where several examples of fictional altering or creation of sexual relationships between the characters. These encounters however were strictly heterosexual in the fan fictions creations that I read.


Chris James

Vanessa M – New technology that will charge a phone in 30 seconds!

This is crazy! Although it is still in the prototype stage, a company called StoreDot has raised over six million dollars on this new technology that will full charge any smart phone in the matter of 30 seconds. There two current challenges are hacing the technology be small enough that it will fit in a phone and also how to keep it fairly affordable

If this actually works it could save people a heck of a lot of time. Check out the video! 


Vanessa M – Girls fight back against degrading rating website

At Sacred Heart Highschool in Newmarket, the most recent controversy is a website which a group of highschool boys have created. This site included a list of the names and pictures of local girls that the guys would rate on a scale of “bangability”….REALLY?! How is this a thing?! 

The girls fought back by contacting the police and making everyone informed of how degrading and embarrassing this website is (as they should). 

This article is just one example of many of the extent that people will go to online. Things like this have almost become normalized. People aren’t all that shocked when they hear them and that is not okay! 


Paulina Gretzky Cover Spoof


The recent Golf Digest magazine cover made the curious decision earlier this month to feature golfer Dustin Johnson’s fiance Paulina Gretzky on the cover in a rather provocative outfit. This decision was met with criticism, particularly from the LPGA. The cover has been accused of being sexist and disrespectful to female golfers due to its portrayal of Gretzky, a non-golfer, in such a sexualized manner. Photographer Cy Cyr decided to mock Golf Digest’s decision to use a scantily clad Paulina Gretzky on the cover and released a group of photos containing some of his friends, mostly out of shape middle aged white men, mimicking Gretzky’s pose. The results are particularly hilarious and show an example of how addressing culturally relevant material can gain a ton of exposure when it is picked up and distributed by a site like Huffington Post.


Chris James

Vanessa M – Fake Apps!

Virus Sheild is the newest app thats gaining recognition. It is an anti virus app that has recently been taken off the Google Play market by the Andriod police. The app is almost entirely not functional. It does not live up to any of its description but yet Android uders are still being charged for it! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/04/08/google_kills_virus_app_after_decompilation_proves_its_a_fake/

For phone users today, I think this is a good example of why we need to be cautious. Many people quickly read the description of an app are willing to pay for it before knowing whether it will actually be any use to them. 

Matt Q- Nokia’s Spin on the Google Glass

Matt Q- Nokia’s Spin on the Google Glass

Nokia announced last year that they would be developing a glass concept smart device, similar to that of the google glass, with a target for commercialization by 2015. With their new technology, no projector might be necessary to shoot information on the screen for the mass. Information may be given and received among smart glasses wearers through wireless communication, Bluetooth, wireless internet or cable communication. It certainly seems like glass concept smart devices will become a necessity in the future, do you ever see yourself wearing a pair?