Cringeworthy Tinder Moments – Jessica McNamee

In light of this weeks topic and discussions about online and virtual dating, we can’t excuse the new modes of communication that exist in the online dating world. In this week’s movie we see a man who falls into a deep and intimate relationship with his computer. Technology plays such a vital role in the ways we interact and communicate with each other and ultimately the internet and technology has changed the structures of ‘dating’. Tinder creates a medium where people can say and express themselves in ways they most likely wouldn’t do in person thus creates a new means of trying to get laid and meet people. I’ve attached a link with some pretty interesting and worth analyzing Tinder interactions.



Jessica McNamee


One thought on “Cringeworthy Tinder Moments – Jessica McNamee

  1. Diana T – The Tinder conversations in the Buzzfeed link were pretty shocking, and some are quite hilarious. As mentioned in the post, Tinder provides a medium where people tend to express themselves in a way they would not do in person. This can be linked to the characteristics mentioned by Baym in Chapter 1 of a lack of social cues (facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact). Since we do not get the same sort of feedback from the person as you would in person, people feel like they can say some of these outrageous things to others.
    Ellen Degeneres has a segment on her show called Tinder Nightmares where she reads a few of these cringeworthy Tinder conversations. Here is a link to one of the videos:

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