Carmen Chizanga – We Can’t Say We Met On Tinder

This video is probably one of my favourite viral videos about tinder and the change of the online dating world. The premise is essentially that a couple meets and has to figure out a lie that they’ll share with friends and family about how they met one another. This generation latches onto its phone obsessively and many people (though they’ll deny it) utilize dating sites from Tinder down to OkCUPID. The problem becomes when people deny the relationships we build on applications that pertain to virtual dating.

Why are these relationships considered  “embarrassing” or almost shameful? As virtual dating becomes bigger and bigger in our lives the question becomes will virtual dating every be truly normalized and why don’t people consider relationships formed online “real” relationships? What about online dating makes it so discrete and something which some people feel need to be a secret?

One thought on “Carmen Chizanga – We Can’t Say We Met On Tinder

  1. I think with online dating some people still feel the shame of finding a ‘match’. Especially with instances like Tinder. Online dating can have a connotation that has a hookup culture attached to it… and some people don’t want to be associated with that. Especially if it has to do with their own relationship. – Emma Conway

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