Ethan G – new kind of camera



Being someone who frequently films skiing videos using cameras like go pros, but has constant problems with the quality and placement of the camera, I found this video very interesting. This video shows the capabilities of a new camera called the lily. The lily can follow you wherever you go, their slogan being “just throw and go”. It gives you a follow cam from multiple angles resembling as someone else was following you with the camera.


When I watch this, it resembles the quality of a professional, as if it was shot by a crew of camera men, however it’s just a small camera not even being manned by anyone. I think that this could ultimately be the future of shooting videos such as movies and TV shows, cutting the budget down on film production by a large amount.


Do you think that these type of drone, follow cams could be the future of videos or do you believe that in order to get the real authenticity of a film you need a professional to do the camera work?


2 thoughts on “Ethan G – new kind of camera

  1. In response to your question, I believe that at the rate in which technology is advancing, reliance on human labour won’t be needed anymore and that yes, technologies like this drone will be fully capable to producing a high quality film.

    The capabilities of future technologies like this one can provide the film, television, and sports industries with great opportunities to capture moments that wouldn’t be as easily achievable when conducted by people.

    There is always the question about whether replacing the work that humans do with technology and robots will take-over jobs, the industries, and eventually the world. I think that the technology that the lily camera possesses will bring about positive changes in the film industry and really give producers the ability to enhance the creativity and imaginative process of the films they produce.

    – Kristina P.

  2. As technology becomes cheaper it will certinatly become more popular. However the government implements some regulations before they become a nuisance. asside from privacy issues, these things falling out of the sky surely can post a safety hazard as they are big and heavy, Weapons could even be installed on them and remoted fired or detonated. Its scary to think that these can actually be a big hazard

    Allan Lee

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