Instagram Husband- Kara J

 “Instagram Husband” is YouTube video of several husbands discussing how they are forced to spend countless hours taking pictures of their wives in order to capture the perfect Instagram picture. The video accurately depicts society’s obsession of taking the perfect picture for social media. The exaggerated and dramatic detail of the video provides a comedic effect that truly emphasizes the ridiculousness of this obsession. This video relates to the previous blog post discussing Essena O’Neill’s decision to quit social media. “Instagram Husband” depicts Essena’s notion in which she discusses the deception and unauthentic qualities of Instagram pictures, as individuals spend countless hours attempting to capture the perfect lighting and positioning for the photo. “Instagram Husband” portrays Baym’s belief of a transformation within culture due to technological advances. The implementation of social media has created a heightened sense of self monitoring and has amplified society’s obsessive need to prove themselves to their peers.

Check out this video to see how ridiculous society’s obsession of capturing the perfect picture has become.



One thought on “Instagram Husband- Kara J

  1. I found the video you posted very interesting and a little humorous as well. In addition to a heightened sense of self-monitoring, this video draws on Baym’s notion of identity and identity cues. The “engineering of self-presentation” is what the wives in the video to cater to their audiences attention. These representations are done to attract this imagined audience, a group of followers who they may not even know! People in today’s society use publicness and self-branding through social media to build and audience for themselves. The fact that one’s social identity is being evaluated by the amount of likes they get on a photo, or amount of followers they have because of the way they capture themselves on the camera really emphasizes society’s obsession with perfection and false advertising.

    – Kristina P.

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