Quiz 5 – heather P

  1. Favorite reading and/or least favourite and why.
  • my favourite reading that we did throughout the term was actually the Brookey and Cannon Sex Lives in Second Life accessed on myls. I really liked this reading because the whole second life thing was very strange and new to me, so it really opened up my eyes to see how intense people get into living their fantasy lives through their avatars in the game. It was mostly my favourite because it was something new that I had never been exposed to before – having never played second life, so it was amazing to see what people experience in their virtual worlds.
  1. Favourite topic and/or least favourite and why.
  • favorite topic was defiantly the whole notion of where technology will go and whether or not these technologies will be able to constitute and create real life relationships with us. This is coming from the week where we watched the movie “her” and discusses the whole idea of people actually being able to be intimate with a robot and have a “normal” relationship. This was particularly interesting because I don’t feel like were far off from this becoming a norm in our society and I do see people eventually having relationships wit their computer in one form or another.
  • Least favourite was the topic of the public/private sphere, this was only because as a 3rd year comm. student we have gone over this topic more times than I can’t throughout prior first and second year classes. It’s not that it is not interesting or important to know – its just redundant.
  1. Topics that it would have been great if we also covered.
  • I can not think of too many except I would have maybe liked to touch on the whole fan-dom (i have no idea how to spell that) for example the one direction video. I thought that was an interesting topic and maybe would have liked to see other examples like in video games and other medias as well.
  1. Any other thoughts and reflections on the structure of the course (assignments, activities, discussions).
  • I really like this idea of the class blog, it was fun and I genuinely enjoyed going through peoples posts on here compared to dull discussion boards on MyLs.
  • I also appreciate the fact that there is no final exam for this class. I feel like the short papers along with the ethnography and participation will be sufficient in giving us a final grade, so I am happy about that (thanks!)
  • all in all this was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken, so thanks for such a great semester.

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