Tyler M – AI: The Threat is Real

Elon Musk has said that AI is the greatest threat to our existence. Is it inevitable? Will our machine overlords be here to enslave us all any day now?

There seems to be a lot of films recently that point in this direction. Terminator, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ex Machina. All of these films offer a bleak future for us humans. It was refreshing to watch the “Her” film in class as it offers us an alternative – coexisting with AI. Why isn’t this as prevalent in films and pop culture as our destruction at the hands of machines are? It could perhaps be because we’re arriving at that point. The point where our technology is aware. We already have AI that exists – there’s SIRI, Cortana and even the machines that the NSA has to launch cyber attacks. The future may be a lot closer than we think.

2 thoughts on “Tyler M – AI: The Threat is Real

  1. A reason popular culture chooses to focus on these ideas about machines taking over is because it does in fact seem like a distant idea that machines will be prevalent in our everyday lives. The idea of having an artificial intelligent friend or partner as we saw in “Her” would not have been imaginable if we go a few generations or even a few years back.

    In the course we learnt how quickly this technology is advancing and that technology is learning to provide all sorts of realistic affordances for humans such as emotional response, support, physical interaction, etc. That being said, what may be causing industries to portray robots as ultimately destructive may be our fear of them. Society may fear the capabilities of machines, how far they can go in terms of intelligence, power, and strength, due to how quickly we are seeing them advance in front of us.

    The take over of robots could be highly effective in improving the economic and social situation of world or it could be be detrimental to our future. No one really knows.

    – Kristina P.

  2. There are many films and TV shows that often depict a brighter future, say Star Trek for say, where we take technology for granted. That being said there are episodes where AI like holograms have AI or androids seeminly think for themselves. IT seems inevitable that this will eventually happen but hopefully we have space travel by then to escape…er if things turn badley

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