Michael Robertson – The Fit Bark

Many of us are familiar with wearable technology such as the Fit Bit that has the ability to track our daily activity,  sending the data directly to our smartphones. Fit Bark, went one step further by integrating the same technology into a tiny device that attaches directly to a dogs collar giving the dogs owner or “ parent” as advertised by Fit Bark a whole new virtual connection with their animal. The Fit Bark is able to track daily activity, location, heart rate 24/7 that is all accessible from the app which the dogs’ parents would install on their smartphone device. Their goal was to further the human pet bond with statements such as “Who’s keeping you active? Inspiring a healthy lifestyle, for the two of you” Fit Barks apple indicates daily percentage goals in order to maintain both the Dogs and “parents” healthy active lifestyle. These devices are giving dog owners an ability to further connect with their animal furthering the human dog intimate relationship, but is this taking it a step too far?