Getting their “VIBee” on – Michael Robertson

Just when we thought dating apps couldn’t get any better! Bumble, a familiar dating app, is offering a new feature called VIBee. This feature allows users to be identified on their profile as a VIBee users, giving them a whole new database of users to swipe away at. In order to get this feature, a request has to be sent from your account to Bumble, users have to have been active on the Bumble platform in order to get access to this new feature. The application uses an algorithm to determine if a user is active enough on the application to be accepted as an exclusive VIBee. Once a VIBee member users have an exclusive database that they are able to browse through. This feature advertises  the chances of a real connection are much higher as the “time wasters” have been removed from the database that a VIBee user would swipe through.


What do you guy’s think of this new “exclusive” feature offered by Bumble, and could this new VIBee tag lead to users being judged for such active participation on these dating apps?

Emma C – Better Chance At Love? Try A Female Developed App

I came across this article that claims that if you’re looking for a better chance at online dating, try alternatives that are developed by women. It think it’s an interesting notion to think that you may have a better chance at love when you spend time on apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Bumble.

The article attributes the success to how women developed apps because they are more in tune to ‘what women want’ as male ones do not. It claims that Tinder and OkCupid is more for superficial purposes and does not get to know the user. Coffee Meets Bagel gives you custom matches with mutual friends, the opportunity for feedback, and only one match a day. In addition to this, Bumble not only creates connections but it forces matches to have conversation as females are the only ones who are allowed to begin discussion.

I’d like to know – is there really a difference? Do you know of any success stories on Tinder?

GeekWire – Want a better chance at a relationship? Try a dating app founded by women

The Mobile Love Industry – Rochelle S

If you have a spare 30 minutes over your reading week to watch this video, definitely do!

Relevant to many of the topics we’ve touched on in this class, this video investigates the mobile love industry and the impact that has had on the way we meet people, fall in love, and have sex.

Here are some of the points that interested me:

  • It is estimated that by 2040 that 70% of all couples would have met online
  • The origins of online / mobile dating go back to the Victorian Era where people would use “Lonely Hearts Ads
  • The VP of Tech at Tinder infers that mobile dating technologies have contributed to the decline of divorce rates in North America
  • “The Internet reconfigures accessibility…Dating apps are a shift towards the normalization of gay people. That shift is to make people feel included, valued, and not an other.”
  • Sexual double standards – translated over to dating apps?
  • With mobile dating apps, “We view ourselves as single individuals connected to other single individuals.”
  • Apps like 3nder are being used to de-stigmatize kinky sex and group sex
  • What will happen when review mechanisms used on eBay or Amazon come to dating sites?

I would love for you to watch the video and see what your take is on the above points!

Happy reading week!