Christopher V. – How To Sewer Yourself For Online Dating


It is widely accepted that online dating today has left its mark on how intimate relationships form. Increasingly, we see more people making the jump into the online dating world. Whether it is to find that perfect soul mate, or to add to participate in hook-up culture. Regardless of the reason, online dating changes the perception of the individual. Rather than being a person in the flesh, we are mediated through a profile among thousands on a screen. The job then becomes a marketing experiment, essentially finding the best way to have others think twice before moving on to the next profile. Now I could tell you what to write on your profile to have a match every time you swipe right, but that would be too easy. Okay thats a stretch if we knew exactly what to right on a dating profile everyone would have found there soul mate.

Instead here are the top ten guaranteed lines that will not get you a date;

“Over the bar scene.”

“Too busy to meet someone.”

“I can’t believe I’m online dating.”

“Looking for The One.”

“Tired of games.”

“Moonlit walks on the beach.”

“I live life to the fullest.”

“Want to be swept off my feet.”

“I work hard and play hard.”

“I want the total package.”

Something about each one of these lines come off as immediate red flags, with a hint of crazy. “Too busy to meet someone,” seems like your going to be too busy to date, or better yet its probably a lie and you’re trying to play it off like you have a life. Then you have likes like “I want to be swept off my feet,” or “I want the whole package.” Um I’m sorry your majesty who knew you had that sense of entitlement.

All in all, online dating can be a valuable tool to expand your network and meet the right match, just avoid the obvious “don’t’s”and you should be well on your way.