Victoria E – The Duke University Freshman Porn Star

I came across this article and found it extraordinarily relevant to this week’s discussion about porn. Due to the accessibility of porn in today’s digital world, this freshman student was outed as a porn star on her campus. Though she had tried to keep it a secret, it wasn’t because she was ashamed, but because she knew the reactions she would receive. She stepped out (without using her real name) to tell her story, and it is incredibly interesting. She speaks of her empowerment and happiness in her job, and of how it has allowed her to pay for her education. It provides a new perspective on sex workers, especially since we don’t tend to connect academia to the sex trade. As university students, it is interesting to look at the story of a fellow student as it relates to an industry we tend to shame.

If porn has been a major use of the Internet since its creation, why are we so quick to judge those involved in its creation, but not those who watch and engage with it?