Kayleigh Brewster – Heteronormativity

In this weeks class we learnt and had discussions about the term heteronormativity. Heteronormativity is a leading a lifestyle in which a person strongly believes that heterosexual relationships are the only kind of relationship that a person should have. Also how a relationship with classic gender roles fits into everyday roles in life.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis received a lot of support and criticism after their song “Same Love” was released in 2013. The song “Same Love” is a ballad about homosexual relationships. The song received so much attention because it was one of the first times a rap ballad was produced that talked about non heternormative relationships. Also rap culture doesn’t stray away from classic roles that occur between men and women in a heterosexual relationship. The fact that the song received so much criticism for its intended meaning points to the realization that the rap community practices heteronormativity.

Christopher G – Heteronormativity and Team Sports

In the May 6, 2013 edition of Sports Illustrated, the 7′ NBA center Jason Collins confronted the world by saying, “I’m gay”. Collins is the first openly gay professional athlete actively playing in a team sport. When people think of professional athletes, especially those who are playing a team sport, they generally assume all players are heterosexual. The idea of having a homosexual teammate has been an ongoing joke in sports movies which emphasizes the idea that gay players are not accepted. In addition, heterosexual professional athletes are obviously seen as the norm in society because when Jason Collins came out as being homosexual, it was all over the news, everyone was talking about it, and a huge deal was made out of it. If you were to think of the best NBA player, the best NHL player, or the best NFL player, I bet you wouldn’t think of them as being homosexual. This is because in our society today professional athletes are assumed to be heterosexual.

Watch this video posted by TSN today:

TSN: Homophobic Language Used in Sports

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe2sHJA5UDs

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