Adrianna D. – 11 Things I Gained When I Lost My Smartphone

Billions of individuals today own a smartphone and are entirely dependent on them be it for directions, communicating amongst friends and family,  news sources, e-mailing, and for general entertainment. When our phones reach a point where only 5% of the battery is left, we begin to feel anxiety…so help us if our phone actually dies, what are we to do then? How are we going to find our way around? How are we to get in contact with others?

An article published by The Huffington Post describes a woman’s experience with not having a smartphone. You would think that the experience was an absolute terror, however this woman claims otherwise. In fact, she learned many new things without having to rely on her smartphone. To name a few things, she gained a better sense of direction and on that note also discovered as she calls, “the living, breathing alternative to Siri”, that being a person – she would ask someone for directions if she were lost. And in many cases, the individual she had asked had better described directions than Siri ever could. She discovered what silent idle time is, so instead of spending hours “relaxing” and playing Candy Crush where she would …organize… different kinds of candy, she would rest her mind. Furthermore, instead of constantly texting pointless things to her friends to fill the “silence”, she learned how to filter herself. Not having a smartphone on hand gave her an excuse to be disconnected from e-mails, gave her a full night’s rest, and amongst many other things, she had gained 75 minutes of her day back.

This article simply proves that with owning a smartphone comes an entirely different lifestyle – although in a sense it keeps us connected, it also disconnects us from reality.