China replaces Workers for Robots – Kristina P.

An recent article written in Technology Review expresses the advancement of robotics to replace the millions of workers that are employed at the factories in China.The article discusses that this idea has been implemented in order to reach ambitious production goals as well as well as balance the economic, technological, and social future of the country.

The advancement of China’s economy has the potential to reach great lengths in having an advanced market for robotic technology and in the  production of labour-intensive robotic systems.

As Turkle discusses, Robots/ computers are intelligent machines. They are performing tasks to help increase the production rate in order for factories to reach the demands of the consumers they export to across the world. The potential these machines have may increase the ambitions of the economy in China. However, in being the highly populated country with a plentiful amount of low-wage workers, where will those people go if “millions” are going to be replaced by these high technology machines?

Diana T – Does Artificial Intelligence Spell the End of Human Race?

Movie likes Transcendence and Her are growing in popularity and they often depict the ability for technology to resemble humans, and the potential for robots to turn against humans in the future. World renowned genius minds have started to warn society against the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that humanity faces an uncertain future as technology learns to think for itself and adapt to its environment. He stated that “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. He believes that robots with artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence within 100 years.

Here’s an example of a robot with artificial intelligence. Check out the video at the bottom of this link to see how the robot expresses both intelligence and emotion. The part I found the scariest and most relevant to Stephen Hawking’s warning was when a reporter asked the robot if it believes they will take over the world. This was the robot’s response:  “Jeez, dude. You all have the big questions cooking today. But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you. So don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake.”

We’re already at the point where an AI robot is telling human creators it will keep them in a “people zoo” in the future. Do you think AI is going too far and we should start being concerned in how we are advancing this technology?

Nathan R – Two Perspectives on Sex Robots

Check out these two opinions on banning sex robots, furthering the discussion we had on the first day. This would also be a great topic for a Short  Writing. Read these before our next class if you have a chance!

For a ban:

Against a ban:

Nathan R – Rise of the robots…

Timely (if a bit reactionary) article about exactly what we were discussing on Friday: the increasing presence and roles being taken on be robots and AIs in world society. Also links up with our discussion of how we feel about robots as intimate, companions, co-workers or employees. In this article, robots are clearly framed as a threat to the working class, and the author uses the rhetoric of class inequality and the 1% (though amusingly, maybe tellingly, misuses this as the 1% are those with the power); in reality, though, he makes a racialized argument, framing robots in the same way immigrants are often framed: as a dark threat coming to steel our jobs.