Twitter Account ‘Common Fan Girl’ – Jessica McNamee

Good morning everyone, I was scrolling through Twitter and came across an account that perfectly captures this week’s class discussion, reading and documentary watched in class. Above I’ve attached a link to the common fan girl Twitter account, the tweets accurately depict the loyalty, obsession and love fan girls have for their idols. The tweets read on this site, represent the ideals and motives of the girls seen in the documentary in class this week. Some of the tweets read:

“My hobbies include:
1. Crying
2. Eating
3. Going on the internet
4. Talking to people about my fandom who don’t care about my fandom.”

“Life goal : Able to communicate with my idol casually or even be friend with them.”

“In case no one told you today harry styles is beautiful.”

“My idol has been there for me when you haven’t. So shut up, I’ll fangirl as much as I want!”

Nancy Baym discusses the relationships formed online in chapter five of her book, and she notes that some people feel free to lie online whereas others may feel free to be more honest, and in this case fans are nothing but honest and open online in attempts to create a closer relationship with their idols via social media. In turn, fans will also lie online in order to attain the attention from their celeb crush. Through online interactions fans are constantly tweeting to their idols and to each other which illustrates the socially revealing and irrrational behavior that comes from tweeting online.

Christina Y – Emoji’s: The death of the written language or a way to order pizza

Check out the two videos incorporated in a CNBC article on Emoji’s and their effects on the human population and specifically language. I thought this was interesting as we spoke about social cues in class and that without face-to-face communication interacting with partners and friends can become extremely complicated and can lead to more arguments. Some people bring up the issue of the ‘dry texter’ or the person that only speaks in ’emoji’ language.  Now there is this idea that emoji’s can replace written language maybe just send us back to hieroglyphics. Maybe people will be able to hold an entire conversation without both. Businesses and film companies are proposing that they will use this to their advantage by producing emoji’s of characters from their new movies for promotional aspects and produce advance moving emoji’s which can be seen on Facebook chat. Who needs face-to-face communication or even written text anymore when you can just ‘Emoji’ all the time.

I think the best part of the article is the video of the CEO of Domino’s articulating that their is now a way to order delivery by tweeting a pizza emoji to their twitter handle and your pizza will be at your door step in 20 mins… genius!