Sonic The Hedgehog 2 -Michael Robertson

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Features the world’s first disabled protagonist, showing that no disability should hold a person back. The protagonist is a beautiful blue haired female named Sonic who has a hearing disability. Sonic does not let this disability impede her instead, she makes her way through vast mapped levels, using her ultra-abilities to assist her. The designers a Sega focused on all the amazing things that deaf people has the ability to do and incorporated them into the game. It was clear that they paid a special attention to this, as it is the first time that deaf players have been able to see themselves defined with supersonic abilities in a virtual space. This game further opens new doors to designers as it moves away from the stereotypical male protagonist with the damsel in distress model and instead, offers individuals with disabilities a sense of empowerment.

Here is a link to a video to find out more:

Fallout 4 Drops Pornhub Traffic- Michael Robertson

Over the weekend I found a rather interesting article regarding the much anticipated video game release “Fallout 4”. According to Googles affinity data Fallout had reduced internet traffic to PornHub by nearly 10%, this is an enormous drop for a website such as Pornhub with over 60 million daily users accessing its content. The popularity of and release of a game such as Fallout 4 clearly shows that it can have huge effect on the flow of digital life.  This goes to show the sheer immersion of Individuals within the virtual words of their games.

Nathan R – Anita Sarkeesian’s Online Harassment

We’ll talk about this in class, but check out this (definitely NSFW) blog post detailing the harassment and misogyny Anita Sarkeesian encountered for daring to mount a kickstarted to produce her series of videos about sexism in games. It’s rather shocking.

(Thanks to my colleagues Kelly Bergstrom and Florence Chee whose excellent presentation on these topics last year inspired this week’s readings and lecture!)