Christina Y – How virtual sex is becoming more real

This video talks about how virtual sex (sexting, video chats, porn) is becoming more real because of technological devices such as teledildonics. These devices are obviously for the physical intimacies of a relationship and can even be used in Second Life gaming. It is the closest thing to having sex without having sex is what is said. What I found to be interesting is that he says that they are working towards things that aren’t just about the physicality of relationships. They are working on technology for virtual hugs, hand holding and most importantly to many people a kiss from there partner across seas. These technologies that allow people to feel there partners from the devices might be the future for our world and allow for long distance relationships to maybe have a better chance. But there are also fears the intimate experiences will only be found behind closed doors with a fantasy world. It is the questions that is constantly brought up in communications courses, will these technologies create intimacies and build a bridge over the digital divide or will it only separate us more. Will this change romance, love and physical connection? Could this stop people from ever being intimate with a “real” person again? Could this harm humanity and reproduction? Advancements in technologies such as the teledildonics are technological success stories as well as fearsome technologies for our Utopian world to come.

Fallout 4 Drops Pornhub Traffic- Michael Robertson

Over the weekend I found a rather interesting article regarding the much anticipated video game release “Fallout 4”. According to Googles affinity data Fallout had reduced internet traffic to PornHub by nearly 10%, this is an enormous drop for a website such as Pornhub with over 60 million daily users accessing its content. The popularity of and release of a game such as Fallout 4 clearly shows that it can have huge effect on the flow of digital life.  This goes to show the sheer immersion of Individuals within the virtual words of their games.