Diana T – Video game to improve women’s sex lives

Technology has been created to transform kegel exercises (the contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles) into a video game in order to improve women’s sex lives. The Elvie device is a gadget inserted into the vagina that measures the strength of contractions when performing kegel exercises and provides feedback on an app via Bluetooth.

The app provides three different games that include controlling a ball on the screen with their pelvic contractions. In the levator scores game, users have to contract their pelvic muscles fast enough to hit a series of markers on the screen. In the lifts game, the user has to squeeze as tight as possible for five minutes. The pulses game requires users to follow the floating ball on screen, pulling their muscles tight to keep the ball from going over what.


Just when you thought you’ve heard it all. There really is an app for everything. What do you guys think of these games?

3 thoughts on “Diana T – Video game to improve women’s sex lives

  1. Wow they really have thought of just about everything. I think this is pretty weird and I cannot see something like this being very successful, or sell any at all for that matter. Although I do appreciate the creativity, it is pretty annoying to see a game centred around women’s sex lives when I don’t see any for the male counterparts. Interesting article but again, weird and strange.

  2. Weve heard of these sex toys which isn’t anything new, but tieing them to our smartphone just shows how versatile, crazy and convenient these gadgets are.

    Allan Lee

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