Victoria E – What’s Your Sex Number?

Someone posted earlier about BuzzFeed quizzes in general, but today I stumbled across a very interesting one entitled “What’s Your Sex Number?” They call it “the ultimate ‘purity test’ for the modern age.” The quiz is essentially just one long game of “never have I ever” to be played alone; you simply check off what you have done on a big list of intimate or sexual acts, and the quiz tells you how sexual you are based on a number out of 200. It also gives you some kind of adjective to describe your sexuality based on the score you get.

It’s interesting that technologies, like some of the ones we discussed in class this week that had been posted on the blog (like Funderwear), have become so interconnected with sex lives. Shouldn’t we know “how sexual” or what kind of sexual we are without needing a BuzzFeed quiz to tell us? And why do we feel the need to classify our sexuality in this way anyway? Finding out which celebrity should be our BFF through these quizzes is understandable, because it’s fun, arbitrary, and makes us feel connected in some way to others. However, I feel that doing a quiz about our sexual experience may be crossing a bit of a line. The other thing it makes you think is, is someone storing this information somewhere based on every box you click? Scary.