Adrianna D. – How Dating Apps Have Only Made Our Sex, Love and Dating Lives Better


Today’s generation is all about online dating and even more so, dating apps. Apps such as Tinder and Bumble have gained much recognition over the last year and have become the most common method of meeting people and going on dates. This particular article claims that dating apps have only made our sex, love and dating lives better.

Nothing is more fun than sharing your dating stories with your friends, both the horrendous and amazing ones, so the mentality for most is – why not do it for fun? For the stories and experiences? In addition, utilising apps eliminates the pressure of having to meet someone in person; it eliminates the ‘what-if’ questions that run through everyones minds, such as “what if he or she has a girlfriend or a boyfriend?”, “what if he or she rejects me?”, what if, what if… Instead of having to build up the courage, one can sit on their couch in their most comfortable clothing, sip on tea, and swipe left or right without having to walk up to the individual and initiate conversation. It isn’t uncommon to give or receive compliments from others, thus raising one’s self-esteem as well. In many cases, people who take part in online dating meet others who they may not have necessarily thought would be their type.

Dating apps have made meeting others significantly easier. Although there are many advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages that come with meeting people through the use of technology. Is the person real? Is he or she sincere? Is this safe? There will always be controversies, but due to the increasing popularity and dependence on technologies, more and more apps will continue to be launched. Who knows what’s next…


Emma C – Better Chance At Love? Try A Female Developed App

I came across this article that claims that if you’re looking for a better chance at online dating, try alternatives that are developed by women. It think it’s an interesting notion to think that you may have a better chance at love when you spend time on apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Bumble.

The article attributes the success to how women developed apps because they are more in tune to ‘what women want’ as male ones do not. It claims that Tinder and OkCupid is more for superficial purposes and does not get to know the user. Coffee Meets Bagel gives you custom matches with mutual friends, the opportunity for feedback, and only one match a day. In addition to this, Bumble not only creates connections but it forces matches to have conversation as females are the only ones who are allowed to begin discussion.

I’d like to know – is there really a difference? Do you know of any success stories on Tinder?

GeekWire – Want a better chance at a relationship? Try a dating app founded by women

Cringeworthy Tinder Moments – Jessica McNamee

In light of this weeks topic and discussions about online and virtual dating, we can’t excuse the new modes of communication that exist in the online dating world. In this week’s movie we see a man who falls into a deep and intimate relationship with his computer. Technology plays such a vital role in the ways we interact and communicate with each other and ultimately the internet and technology has changed the structures of ‘dating’. Tinder creates a medium where people can say and express themselves in ways they most likely wouldn’t do in person thus creates a new means of trying to get laid and meet people. I’ve attached a link with some pretty interesting and worth analyzing Tinder interactions.



Jessica McNamee

Christopher V. – How To Sewer Yourself For Online Dating


It is widely accepted that online dating today has left its mark on how intimate relationships form. Increasingly, we see more people making the jump into the online dating world. Whether it is to find that perfect soul mate, or to add to participate in hook-up culture. Regardless of the reason, online dating changes the perception of the individual. Rather than being a person in the flesh, we are mediated through a profile among thousands on a screen. The job then becomes a marketing experiment, essentially finding the best way to have others think twice before moving on to the next profile. Now I could tell you what to write on your profile to have a match every time you swipe right, but that would be too easy. Okay thats a stretch if we knew exactly what to right on a dating profile everyone would have found there soul mate.

Instead here are the top ten guaranteed lines that will not get you a date;

“Over the bar scene.”

“Too busy to meet someone.”

“I can’t believe I’m online dating.”

“Looking for The One.”

“Tired of games.”

“Moonlit walks on the beach.”

“I live life to the fullest.”

“Want to be swept off my feet.”

“I work hard and play hard.”

“I want the total package.”

Something about each one of these lines come off as immediate red flags, with a hint of crazy. “Too busy to meet someone,” seems like your going to be too busy to date, or better yet its probably a lie and you’re trying to play it off like you have a life. Then you have likes like “I want to be swept off my feet,” or “I want the whole package.” Um I’m sorry your majesty who knew you had that sense of entitlement.

All in all, online dating can be a valuable tool to expand your network and meet the right match, just avoid the obvious “don’t’s”and you should be well on your way.