Adrianna D. – How Dating Apps Have Only Made Our Sex, Love and Dating Lives Better


Today’s generation is all about online dating and even more so, dating apps. Apps such as Tinder and Bumble have gained much recognition over the last year and have become the most common method of meeting people and going on dates. This particular article claims that dating apps have only made our sex, love and dating lives better.

Nothing is more fun than sharing your dating stories with your friends, both the horrendous and amazing ones, so the mentality for most is – why not do it for fun? For the stories and experiences? In addition, utilising apps eliminates the pressure of having to meet someone in person; it eliminates the ‘what-if’ questions that run through everyones minds, such as “what if he or she has a girlfriend or a boyfriend?”, “what if he or she rejects me?”, what if, what if… Instead of having to build up the courage, one can sit on their couch in their most comfortable clothing, sip on tea, and swipe left or right without having to walk up to the individual and initiate conversation. It isn’t uncommon to give or receive compliments from others, thus raising one’s self-esteem as well. In many cases, people who take part in online dating meet others who they may not have necessarily thought would be their type.

Dating apps have made meeting others significantly easier. Although there are many advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages that come with meeting people through the use of technology. Is the person real? Is he or she sincere? Is this safe? There will always be controversies, but due to the increasing popularity and dependence on technologies, more and more apps will continue to be launched. Who knows what’s next…


Kristen R C – The Yelp for People

Peeple is a recent app that you did not ask for. It is a user-review site for human beings, very similar to Yelp. Through this app a user can rate anyone they know on a one to five star rating system, which is split up into three categories, including personal, professional and romantic. Positive ratings are posted right away but ratings two and below go under review. One cannot delete any reviews including negative ones, however they can publicly defend themselves. Users must also be 21 with an established Facebook page and is added through their cell phone number.

Creators of the app claim that there are endless reasons as to why we would want the ability to reference check the people around us, and that they are “bold innovators…because we love you enough to give you this gift…whether you love us or our concept or not.” I disagree with their beliefs and idea of the concept, as there are major privacy issues surrounding this and our society is already based on judgements we make about people. When the app releases we will have a social media outlet that allows us and encourages us make judgements about others and post them for the Internet to see. Problems surrounding this app can include issues regarding reach, storage, replicability and future social interaction. We already have to self monitor our own actions on the internet, and now we have to monitor the actions others because they can have an impact on us.

How do you feel about the new app? Do you believe it is beneficial or will it just create more problems?